Raised Ranch Paintings

After years of using the computer as a drawing tool I decided to abandon it and return to using pencil, eraser, ruler and paper as a way of making the preparatory drawing for a painting. I also made the decision to use shaped supports after realizing that when I was looking at the previous Deck or Backsplit paintings in the studio I was constantly imagining what they would look like with particular sections/areas removed.



Raised Ranch #1  Acrylic on panel  22″ x 22″


Raised Ranch #2  Acrylic on panel  25″ x 18″


Raised Ranch # 3  Acrylic on panel  24″ x 18″


Raised Ranch # 4  Acrylic on panel  27″ x 15″


Paul Dignan is a Scottish born visual artist who has been based in Ontario, Canada for the past 18 years. His website can be found at www.pauldignan.com

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